Czernowitz BMD Database Update #general

Daniel Horowitz <Daniel@...>

Dear friends,

Just before the IAJGS Conference in Jerusalem a major update was done
in the Czernowitz BMD Database (

Thanks to the help of a great - but never enough - group of volunteers,
we have managed to reach 123,307 Birth, Marriages and Death records
from between the years 1850 and 1942, transcribed and indexed for you
to search for free.

from the result page you will be able to request a copy of the actual
record (if exist, as some times only the indexes survived) thanks to a
partnership with a private/professional researcher.

Please help me thanks to the people working so hard to make these
records available by letting us know whenever you find relevant
information on the database. At the bottom of the main page of the
website you will find selected success stories, and we are always
looking for more.

We still have a lot more of records to transcribe so more people like
you, will be able to discover their ancestors >from Czernowitz.

Best regards

Daniel Horowitz

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