Re: GOMPERTZ, OPPENHEIMER, WERTHEIM(ER) families in Europe #general

Deborah Blinder

If you know the German cities and events (birth, marriage, death, etc.) for
which you're seeking documents, have you tried contacting the Stadtarchiv
(city archives) in the appropriate cities? I was able to get a copy of my
maternal grandmother's birth certificate (19th century) by writing to
the Stadtarchiv in the town where she was born. You can easily find contact
addresses by Googling "Stadtarchiv" with the name of the city.

Deborah Blankenberg
Researching BLOCH (Germany, US), BLINDER (Russia, Poland, US), GOLDSCHMIDT

David M. Dubin wrote:
Been trying to assemble documents rather than secondary sources
and would like to get copies of documents of prominent ancestors
in Europe back in the 17th-19th centuries.

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