How to find Holocaust survivors? #general

Deborah Blinder

My mother's sister, Eva Rosette FIRST, nee BLOCH, was deported >from Hannover,
Germany, to Riga, Latvia (Arolsen) on 15 Dec 1941, and was sent >from Riga
to Stutthof, where she died, on 1 Oct 1944. My mother told me many years
ago that Eva met and married her husband in the concentration camp. This most
likely was Kaiserwald or one of the other camps in the Riga complex,
because Eva died very soon after arriving at Stutthof, and she is listed there
by her married name. She was still Eva BLOCH when she and her parents were
taken >from Hannover. I know absolutely nothing about Eva's husband except
that he survived the war. I would like at least to know his given name, and
where and when he was born, but with a surname that's also a very common
English word, and no other information, I've come up empty on every search.
I've tried FamilySearch, Yad Vashem and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.
Can anyone suggest where else I might search for information about him?

Researching BLOCH (Germany, US), BLINDER (Russia, Poland, US), GOLDSCHMIDT

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