Jewish ancestry in Albania #general

ridvan baxha <rbaxha@...>

I am an inhabitant of gjirokaster in the south albania. Just recently i was
watching a documentary regarding my city when i heard that a great part
of my city's population some 500 hundred years ago was of Jewish origin.
The speaker of this documentary was supporting this assumption by also
looking at the city's architecture, similar to Jewish style like today's
Jerusalem. All the residents of my city didn't hand over to the nazi's
not a single jew during the second world war.

I was also told that a resident of my city surnamed bakalli went over to israel
some years ago and thru dna test they found out that he had a jewish ancestry.

I was wandering how i could undergo the same dna test if that is at all possible
in order to determine my family roots and to tell my children so. Where,
how,when can i and my family have this test and who is able to interpret
the results of the test. I have heard some stories >from my father's side
telling me probably our jewish ancestry. Unfortunately our city records
are very poor to prove this fact. So dna would be a a good proof for me
and my kids 3 sons. If anyone knows anything about jewish albanians
please let me know. Just recently very near to my city was found a
hebrew singogue and this tells me a lot.

thank you in advance ritvan ferdi baxha

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