Estonia, WWII photos, Russian Census, Westerwald Jews, Kharkov, Moscow, Zagreb, Jewish Martyrs, etc. #general

Marilyn Robinson

Hi All,
Here's an update of the latest postings >from this month (July 6- August 3) on
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1936-1940 Estonia: Jewish Bridge Club
1888 Estonia: Jewish Community Voters

WWII Photos

WWI Nizhny Novgorod Province: Refugees (#3)

1897 Russian Census: Bialystok, Grodno, Belarus (#1, 2)

Germany: Jews in Westerwald (Altenkirchen)

1897 Russian Census: Skvira, Kiev, Ukraine (#1-4)

1900 Kharkov: Jewish Births

1913 Moscow School District Educational Institutions: Jewish Persons�

1941 Holocaust: Zagreb

The Alexander Family

1941-1943 A Memorial Book: Jewish Martyrs >from Vitebsk

Marilyn Robinson

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