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"A Tragic Romance and its Consequences: >from One Photo to Journeys of Research
and Discovery!"

Presented by Eli Rabinowitz, visiting >from Perth, Australia:

"All I ever knew was that I was named after my great uncle Moshe, and that
Moshe died in a motor accident in Salt River, six weeks before his wedding.

Then a photo given to me eighty years after he died changed everything.

This is the story of Great Uncle Moshe and his fiancee Paula's ill-fated
romance in the late 1920s, starting in Orla, Poland, and ending in Cape Town.

My part begins with this photo, offered as a "reward" for my enthusiastic
interest in my family history. While the photo came with only limited
information, it became my mission to follow any leads and so try to unravel
his life, piece by piece. It led to surprising outcomes that drove me to
research, follow the trail and travel to South Africa, Poland, Belarus, the
UK, Germany, Israel, the US and Canada in search of the answers!"

This presentation covers the story of a life, which ended 85 years ago, and
the principles of good detective work and sharing.

This was the lecture Eli gave in July at the IAJGS Conference in Jerusalem.

The Jacob Gitlin Library, Cape Town on Thursday 3 September 2015
5:30pm for 6pm
88 Hatfield Street

RSVP by 27 August

Tel: 021 462 5088
email: gitlib3@netactive.co.za



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