Sabina HIRSCH LEDERER of Tarnow, Poland #general

Debbie Wetlaufer

I am trying to learn more about Sabina HIRSCH (or HIRSZ) and her first husband
Mr. LEDERER who was (likely) the father of her son Louis. I am assuming they
lived in Tarnow since her son Louis was born there.

According to the documents I've found thus far, Sabina HIRSCH (or HIRSZ) was
born between about 1872-1875 in Galicia or Austria. She arrived in the US
between about 1900-1903.

The license for her second marriage provides her maiden name, HIRSCH, naming
her as the daughter of Marcus HIRSCH & Roza BENDER (note that an 1888 civil
marriage record >from Tarnow for her parents names them as Markus HIRSZ and

The marriage record also provides her first married name: Sabina LEDERER. They
were married sometime prior to 1905, according to the license for her second
marriage which named her as "widow" Sabina LEDERER. She had a son, Louis, who
was born 19 Mar 1894 in Tarnow, Poland.

Sabina emigrated to the US between about 1900-1905.

In 1905, the widow Sabina LEDERER married for a second time to Saul FRIEDNER at
Crlstonopoler Consr???? Brlth Isaac, 90-92 Columbia St, Manhattan, New York, USA.

Sabina's son, Louis, was born 19 Mar 1894 in Tarnow, Poland. In the 1910 US
Federal Census he was enumerated as Louis HIRSCH, step-son of Saul FRIEDNER.
Louis' last name, HIRSCH, is Sabina's maiden name and I've learned that children
often assumed their mother's surname if the parents were only married by a rabbi
and did not have a civil marriage. Louis later assumed the surname FRIEDNER. His
headstone names him as Louis FRIEDNER which provides his Hebrew name: "Eliezer
son of Aryeh."
See <;GSln=FRIEDNER&GSfn=Louis&GSbyrel=all&GSdyrel=all&GSob=n&GRid=118184101&df=all&>
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**Next steps?**
I have thus far not had luck in finding documents for Sabina's first marriage to
Mr. LEDERER. I do not know if he also emigrated to the US or if he passed away
prior to Sabina's emigration to the US.

I appreciate any tips!
Debbie Wetlaufer
Virginia USA

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