Found Index, need to find microfiche? Help? #belarus

Arthur Sissman


I have found the index of the record of my grandfather Abraham Zisman in
the index of Mogilev Boys 1882-1889, but have never found the record.
Here is the info recorded on the index. The specific info has never
appeared in a database, as far as I can find.

Name Birth Yr . Index Father name
ZISMAN 1882 310 Nokhim-Ruvin

I have found the record of Shevel-Evel Zusman born 1886 on the same
index. He is my great uncle and Nokhim-Ruvin is my great grandfather. I
have seen his full record on Jewish Gen and even on Ancestry several
years later. I assume that 2 different translators translated the docs
and used different spellings Zisman/Zusman (which is preferred?). I have
also found the database for my great aunt with the reference to the
specific microfiche. Her name is translated Zisman also.

How can I find a reference to the actual microfiche for Abraham Sissman
and the data that it might provide. I have seen the link to my great
uncle and great aunt.

Thanks for the help!
Arthur Sissman

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