Max GANS-SCHILLER - Question about Hyphenated name #general


My great-grandfather was Max Gans-Schiller. >from lovosice in Bohemia.
His parents were Jakob Gans and Fanni Schiller.His 4 children
(including my grandmother) had the last name of Schiller.There are
some family stories that I have heard >from some cousins that Max
took the double name because he was adopted by his uncle (presumably his
mother's brother). Other stories are that he was adopted by a stranger.
But we have no evidence of such an adoption.I am thinking that he took
the double name and then had the children named Schiller as a way of
preserving the Schiller name. Perhaps his mother, Fanni, had no brothers,
and the Schiller family wanted the name preserved.

In the badatelna record for his marriage in 1885, he is listed as Max Gans.
On the Gans side, there would be continuity. Max had a brother
Ludwig Gans, who had at least one son.

Has anyone come across similar situations of hyphenated names and
then taking on the second name for the next generation?

Are there any other possible explanations?

Thanks in advance,

Rick Glaser

Owings Mills MD

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