Roger Lustig

The JewishGen Gazetteer knows of a village in Ukraine called Sudobichi.
It's between Dubno and Kremenets.

Beider's dictionary of Russian-Jewish surnames connects the name
SUDOBICH to this town.

Roger Lustig
Princeton, NJ USA

On 8/16/2015 10:40 AM, wrote:
Sudowitzer/Sudobiczer etc.
I am at wit's end. Have been trying to find where this name came >from but
found absolutely nothing.
I have been searching in the area of Rovne where the family came from. I did
not find anything before 1850 but there is no mention anywhere where they
originally came from.
There are some in Bialystock. Also I found quit a lot in Lithuania,
Can anybody help with this?

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