Help deciphering information on photos -- Yiddish and Russian #general

Toby Bird

Dear Genners,
I have five separate but connected submissions on view mate that I
would appreciate help understanding.

1 and 2 . I have submitted the fronts and backs of the photo of, we
assume, Israel Mayer, my great grandfather who lived in Lithuania and
never came to America. He was born around 1822. The back has Yiddish
which is difficult to read. But maybe someone of you experts out there
will be able to decipher some of it. What does the photo reveal about

3 and 4. The other photo for which I have a front and a back we think
is a photo of his son Abel Chaim Meyerowitz who came to this country
and eventually settled in Chicago. But this photo was presumably taken
somewhere in Russia. The family is >from Lithuania and there might be
some interesting clues on the back that a translator of Russian can
help us with. What does the photo reveal about him?

5. The last chronologically is probably a photo of Abel Chaim here in
America. The photo has the label >from a photographer on Canal Street.
Do you think that the two photos, the one with Russian in the back and
the one >from Canal Street are of the same person? What else do the
photos reveal about them?

Thank you in advance for any information or suppositions you can provide.
Gubernia, Lithuania

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