Re: Vienna records from 1938 #general

Stephen Katz

In today's JewishGen digest, David Laskin asked about sources of records >from Vienna.
As far as I'm concerned, the best source is the Austrian site You
have to sign up to use it, but it's free.

Stephen KATZ

Researching: KATZ (Novograd-Volynsk, Ukraine and Boston, Mass.); TEPPER
(Novograd-Volynsk and Rovno (Rivne), Ukraine, and New York City); KAPLAN
(Stakliskes, Lithuania, and central Mass.); KABACHNIK (Butrymonis, Lithuania);
VITKIN (Kaunas, Lithuania, and Boston,Mass.); GREENBERG/BLOCH, Vilna, Lithuania,
and Boston, Mass.); BLUM, LEVINE (Boston, Mass.)

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