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Like so many places in Ukraine, Bar has no Town Leader to organize projects for
finding and translating documents and records. We have tried to focus on the
acquisition of records for towns and cities with a significant Jewish population
and a Town Leader to help arrange for the translation and indexing of whatever
records are available. Although we have records for some places that do not have
a Town Leader, they are typically part of a larger set of records >from a nearby

Over the past two years or so, Ukraine SIG has been able to find and obtain records
for a large number of towns. While it is wonderful that we have found many more
records than were thought possible just a few years ago, we are not having nearly
the same success at finding people to take charge of some of these records and
arrange to get them put into databases.

Ukraine SIG has recently passed the 3600 mark in daily readership. We are the
largest Discussion Group on JewishGen with the exception of JewishGen,itself.
Many of you have written to us over the years expressing frustration at the slow
pace of obtaining and posting records. We are as frustrated as you are, but the
solution lies within everyone who is willing to help. You do not need to know how
to read Russian, you do not need to have any special talents, except the ability to
ask for help. And we are asking for yours.

Janette Silverman and I, along with the members of your Ukraine SIG board, are all
unpaid volunteers. We each give a few hours a week to work to identify projects,
find people to lead them, and see them to fruition. We can't do it alone.
If you are interested in finding out more about the records of the town your
family came from, just writing one of us and asking why they are not available is
not enough. If they exist, they can become available at some point, but it will
require volunteers to do the work of organizing translation projects and seeing to
it that we can get these records on line. JewishGen handles the fundraising.
Funds are needed to acquire records we have already identified, as well as to hire
translators to translate handwritten dual language documents (Russian and Hebrew)
into English. We do not have anywhere near enough volunteer translators who are
comfortable with handwritten Russian and Hebrew reading to make an appreciable dent
in the volume of records we already hold, let alone any new ones. We do, however,
have access to paid translators. Donations are needed to pay for this. You are
helping both yourself and other researchers in the future, and getting a tax
deduction in the US and some other countries every time you donate.

A number of new fundraising projects have recently been added to our
Jewishgen-erosity page at . More
are in the pipeline. We now have access to thousands of pages of records that
we can begin the process of putting on line immediately, but they will sit,
unattended to, until someone is willing to help make them available to all.
Your time and your money will speed the process along immeasurably.

Please contact me directly if you have found there is no Town Leader for your
ancestral town and you are willing to help. If you are not sure whether or not
there is a Town Leader, go to the Town Page on our site at and see. If there is a Town Leader, click on his or her
name and let them know you would like to help. If there isn't, let me know you
can help. It would be great to be able to add a large number of records to our
databases in time for me to make some joyous announcements at next summer's
conference in Seattle. Thanks for all you do.

Chuck Weinstein
Towns Director, Ukraine SIG

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