New Vilnius Internal Passport Files Translated #general

Eden Joachim <esjoachim@...>

Some of you may be aware that Howard Margol has been ill. He has stepped down as
Coordinator of the LitvakSIG Internal Passport Project, which he founded in 2007
after discovering these very valuable documents on a trip to Lithuania.

I will be overseeing the completion of the translations of the Vilnius
Passports. Please direct any questions to me at <>.

New Internal Passport files for the city of Vilnius have been added to the
Vilnius IP Shutterfly website,

The files include 4,948 new records. If you are already a Qualified Contributor
to the Vilnius IP project, you may view the data by logging into the website.

If you are not a Qualified Contributor to the Vilnius IP Project, you may do
so by contributing $100 to LitvakSIG. Go to and
choose Internal Passports under Special Projects.

This new data will become available in the All Lithuania Database 18 months >from
now. At the same time, it becomes available in the JewishGen Lithuania Country

Thank you,

Eden Joachim
Records Acquisitions and Translations Committee
Internal Passport Project

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