Re: Seeking Sarah BOWMAN death certificate (NY) #general

Robert Hanna

Johanna Becker wrote:

My husband's ggm Sarah BOWMAN [originally BAUMAN] is buried in
Rochester, NY in Britton Road Cemetery. Her tombstone gives her
DOD as 4 April 1918.
I sent a request for the death certificate, along w/ a photo of the
tombstone, to the Monroe County Vital Records office. They were not
able to find a record of her death. I then hired a local researcher
who checked the NY State Archives microfiche for 1917-1919 for
BOWMAN or BAUMAN and couldn't find her.

Just because Sarah is buried in Rochester, NY, does not mean that she
died in Rochester. My grandmother, Gussie Rubinstein, is buried in
Queens, NY, but she died in Miami-Dade County, Florida in 1957.
Another Gussie Rubinstein died in Brooklyn around the same time.

Also, don't trust that her name is correct on the death certificate.
It took me 3-1/2 years to find my ggm's grave. Her name is Tillie
Karasik. Her death certificate has her name as Tiba Harasik. The
cemetery records had her listed as Toba Harasik. Her gravestone reads
Tillie Karasik. And there is a Tillie Karasick buried in the same
cemetery. My ggm died in 1926, the other Tillie died in 1927.

You might want to contact the cemetery office and see if they have her
death certificate on file or what info they have for her. Also, if
she is buried in a society section of the cemetery, see if that
society is still in existence and contact them.

Good luck to you in your search.

Robert Hanna
New York, NY

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