Locating death certificate in New Jersey #general

Patricia Futoran

My husband's great grandmother Rose (BENDERSKY/BUNDERSKY) FUTORANSKY
died August 30 1895 in Jersey City,Hudson County, New Jersey, they
were living there and located on the 1895 census. She is buried in
Washington Cemetery NY and I have a photograph of her stone >from
Jewishdata..however the cemetery has no record of this burial. I am
trying to see if her patent's names are on the certificate to further
my research in the Ukraine. If I know where to obtain this record or
if anyone can locate it for me I will be happy to reimburse them for
their time
Pat Futoran
Researching: FUTORANSKY >from Radomysl, RIZHAVSKY and BUNCHAK >from
Tarascha, Belaya Tserkov and Korostyshev

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