Seeking someone with access to a Family History Library #general

Steven Rosenberg <stevenr@...>

Dear Researchers,

I am seeking someone with access to a Family History Library who can access
their microfilms and perform a search for records for the town of Piotrków
Trybunalski, Poland. The records have been filmed by the FHL and the records
have been indexed and the index is searchable on line on Jewishgen, but the
record numbers for some of the entries are missing or duplicated and I do
not have direct access to a family history library myself. I do know that
for the type of record and the year of interest that there are at least 7
record numbers missing (and I have those record numbers) and that there are
5 duplicate entry numbers and 3 entries with missing index numbers.
Therefore one would only need to search for and scan the 7 or possibly 8
missing records and not all 236 or possibly 237 records for the given year.

If interested and able, please respond and I can provide the microfilm
number, year, record type and the 7 or 8 record numbers to scan / copy.

With Best Regards.

Steven Rosenberg

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