Re: MALKES/MARCUS- Cleveland, Chesed Shel Emeth, The Jewish World, JD Deutsch Funeral Home #general

Mark Shapiro

On 3 Sep 2015, Roberta Solit asked, "Is there is an archive
for old issues of The Jewish World", a newspaper in Cleveland to
find the obituary of her grandfather, who died in 1917-1918. The
New York Public Library has issues of Idishe Velt, published in
Cleveland, for those years. It is in Yiddish.

Mark Shapiro
New York, NY
KRECHEVSKY >from Slonim, CZAPRAK >from Ciechanow or Nowe
Miasto, YEVISH >from Granov, TINKELMAN >from Granov,
ROZWADOWER >from Warsaw

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