JGS (NY) Burial Societies Database #general

Steve Stein <steinsteve@...>

Dear friends of the JGS of New York: The Burial Society database has not
been and is still not available to search because of a software problem with
our website host. We are working on repairing the problem and are also
correcting a number of errors and omissions in the data. We plan to
re-launch the database in November 2015 and will keep you posted on our

If you have an ***urgent*** search need that cannot be resolved any other
way, please use our "Contact Us" link and we will attempt to resolve your
issue. Also, if you have encountered an error in the data, particularly on
the linking of association to ancestral town or county or country, please
let us know so it can be corrected.

Thank you for your patience.

Steve Stein
JGS Executive Council
Highland Park, NJ USA

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