(Luxembourg) Luxroots.com Genealogy Site #general

Jan Meisels Allen

LuxRoots.com is the biggest genealogy site in Luxembourg. Their work is done
by volunteers. The site requires a 20 Euro donation to access, however,
there is a free three day search, but one must first go through their free
registration process. On the homepage go to login and then register and then
you will be directed on how to finish the process. The National Archives of
Luxembourg has approximately three million birth, marriage and death records
from 1600-1923 and Luxroots are analyzing their details into an online
database. Over one million Luxembourg birth certificates and almost 50,000
death records have been made available online thanks to the voluntary
project. People whose families lived in a part of Luxembourg which was later
annexed to either Germany or Belgium, should be able to find relevant online
data through the tool. Luxembourg was annexed several times throughout history.

Historically, there have been few Jews in Luxembourg. Today, it has a larger
Jewish population than before the Nazi era. While there is no specific
Jewish section, you may find data about Jewish Luxembourgers who lived in
a specific town. I tried several different Jewish sounding names" and
received hits. To access LuxRoots, go to http://luxroots.com

To read more about Luxroots and its beginnings see:
Original url:

Thank you to David Ockene, member IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring
Committee for informing us about this site.

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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