Shana Tova V'metukah #general

Margalit Ashira Ir

Dear Friends,

As it is nearing Erev Rosh Hashanah I must send you all greetings and my
heartfelt wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year. May your lives
be filled with love, contentment and peace.

Thank you one and all for all your help these past 10 months. This is how
long I have been doing my research on the IR / TUGENDER / EDELMAN / EKSZTEJN
families in Biala Podlaska, MEYERSDORF family in Warsaw and the JEKEL /
LANDMAN family in the Ukraine. So many of you helped with suggestions,
ideas, explanation, history, culture all of which made the research so much
easier, but too many Geners to list. These last 10 months I have identified
hundreds of people who easily clung into one of the these family trees. To
all Geners who diligently help with translation, you are wonderful and
without you, there would be huge holes in our hearts.

But I do want to signal out two very important people who were so instrumental
in my creating the family trees, they truly deserve their own branch. They are
David Price in Canada and Alexis Piletski, in Israel. Week after week you help
me learn more about my family through your wonderful menschlechkite of
translating the documents. I never would have imagined that I could take my
family back to the mid 1700?s. Through your translation I have been able to
create a personality to so many members of my family. To all, úåãä øáä, , Toda Raba,
may we all continue to help each other identify and create, and keep our
families alive through these pages, translations, photographs, stories and

Shana Tova, may you all go >from strength to strength.

Margalit Ashira Ir

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