Gravestone over a Baby's Grave #general

Stanley and Shelda Sandler

Dear Genners,

Is there any religious or non-religious reason why a baby's grave
(approximately about 100 years ago) would NOT have a gravestone to mark the
site of the grave? I am searching for the graves of two babies, both born
to my great-grandmother. One of the babies died >from a medical condition;
the other baby was stillborn. I know the names and locations of both
cemeteries. One cemetery is in good condition; however, I was told that I
would not find many gravestones for children there, although sections for
children were noted on a diagram in the cemetery office. The second
cemetery does not have a record of the burial; however, I have a copy of a
document titled "Return of a Death" which ncludes the name of the cemetery
and the name of the mother of the stillborn. That cemetery is badly
overgrown, and volunteers are working to clear away the debris in order to
identify graves and gravestones. To date, the gravesite for which I am
searching has not been located.

Might the reason for not erecting a matzevah over a baby or child's grave be
because the parents could not afford a gravestone? Or could there be some
other reason, religious or otherwise?

If any Genner knows the answer, I would greatly appreciate a response.

Thanks in advance, and a very Healthy and Happy New Year to all. L'Shana

Shelda Sandler

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