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Found this link (subject line) for old newspaper articles >from 1860
-2013 related to our ancestors in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin, and
a few in Virginia and other states - Articles mostly originated >from
Duluth newspapers.

It offers more than 5000 news articles in original format that involved
a Jewish name, births - weddings - obits - fancy parties - lawsuits etc.

This may help others

http://www.garon.us/newsindex.html (old newspaper articles)

to search for name - hit control and F and then type in name (usually
upper right hand corner)

For example, I found 26 articles on the BUBLEY name.

For those that may have roots in Chicago, I found the Chicago Jewish
Community Blue Book listing names, offices they held - charities they
were involved in - may help others in their research listing all their
officers etc.

[or http://tinyurl.com/qyzs5cf - MODERATOR]

It states Full Text of The Chicago Jewish Community Blue Book

Sue Siegal

Surnames -
BLONDER - Austria/Poland/Hungary. RAND - Austria/Poland. LINKER -
Lithuania/Ukraine. BLUMENTHAL - Lithuania/Ukraine. SHULMAN/SCHULMAN
- Lith/Ukraine. SEGAL/SIEGAL/SIEGEL - Latvia. DIAMOND - Latvia.
FIERER - Lith/Ukraine

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