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Lisa Grayson <lisa@...>

Barbara Mannlein asked for help with locating "Sally (?Salomon)
(b.1896) and Melitta Stern Joseph and sons Erich (b.1925) and Rolf

I found a website for Cementerio Israelita, the Jewish cemetery in
Cali: You can search for headstones
under "búsqueda lápidas":

I searched for Melitta's name, since it is the most unusual, and found a
photo of her headstone: . The
Spanish letters are a bit fuzzy in the photo, but it looks as if she was
born 8 June 1898 in Alzen (?) German, and died 28 July 1950.

Since the family's last name is Joseh in the cemetery records, I then
searched the surname under this spelling and found stones for "Sally"
(b. 16 Aug 1897 in Kirn Germany - d. 12 Mar 1961) at and Erich (b. 25 May 1925 in
Oberstein, Germany - d. 23 Aug 1973 in Cali) at .

Note that the surname is correctly spelled Joseph on Sally, Melitta, and
Erich's Spanish-lanugage stones, even though the name is misspelled in
all three online records. So don't forget to check first names in
databases in case a surname search yields nothing.

The Hebrew Aid Society (Sociedad Hebrea de Socorros) of Cali has an
English website at . And
there is a 2005 Spanish article on the Jews in Cali at .

Good luck -- Buena suerte!

Yours sincerely,
Lisa Grayson, CT
Chicago, Illinois USA
Certified by the American Translators Association for Spanish to
English translation

Researching: MARUCHES, MARKAS, FINK, ROSENTHAL in Vilna, Moletai,
Grodno, Sopotskin, Ozëry, Skidel, Liverpool; LEVIN in Grodno;
HIRSCHBERG in Vilna and Grodno; GOLDMAN in Danzig/Gdansk; ROSENBLOOM
in Liverpool; ROSEN and ROSENKRANTZ in Lodz; BARMON in Lipno and
Rypin; WEINER in Berdichev; GOLDBERG in Berdichev and Kiev

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