Re: JOSEPH family, Kirn, Germany > Colombia #general

Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

Thank you, Lisa!

I'm amazed. I searched for the Jewish cemetery, Cali, but in
English. I wonder if the younger brother, Rolf Joseph, is still
living. he would be about 90 yrs old. And I wonder if either
brother left descendants.

More hunting. thanks again.

Barbara Mannlein
(who will contact the Sociedad Hebrea de Socorros tomorrow. )


On Oct 13, 2015, at 10:56 AM, Lisa Grayson <> wrote:

Barbara Mannlein asked for help with locating "Sally (?Salomon) (b.1896)
and Melitta Stern Joseph and sons Erich (b.1925) and Rolf (b.1926)."

I found a website for Cementerio Israelita, the Jewish cemetery in Cali: You can search for headstones under
"búsqueda lápidas":

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