Chicago marriage license for October 31, 1935 #general

Anna Olswanger <anna.olswanger@...>

I am looking for a Chicago marriage license that doesn't seem to appear in the
Cook County marriage index 1930-1960. A Memphis newspaper article about my
aunt Gene OLSWANGER says that she was married on October 31, 1935, to Myron H.
OPOZNAUER at the home of her cousin Mrs. Ida ARNOW in Chicago.

I would like to find out how Ida was a cousin. If I could ascertain her address
(presumably >from the marriage license) in Chicago, I could see which Ida Arnow
she is in the 1930 or 1940 Illinois census records, and perhaps she might show
up with other family members whose names I recognize.

Does anyone know of an alternative to the Cook County marriage index for finding
a Chicago marriage license?


Anna Olswanger

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