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Sylvia Caras

I've posted a birth record on ViewMate at the following address ...
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The name BADANOV and it's variants is not common.

Joseph Bond (Yehuda Badanovitz) is my grandfather. We know nothing
about him before his immigration in 1892 except registering his
daughters' births in Bialystok in 1891 and that the language he listed
on his documents is Polish. I was not ever aware of any relatives
connected to his line.

His father's name and Hebrew name is >from Joseph's tombstone.

3-Yehuda (Yudel) Badanovitz (1868-)

I have found these people.below. I think they are relatives, that
Itsko might be a brother of Shiloma-Shaya, my great great uncle, and
that Ginda's husband might be my father's (first) cousin. And Ginda
might be a sister of Girsh not a daughter. But this began with
Ginda's birth record, pictured on ViewMate.

1-Mikhel BADANOV (-)
2-Itsko BADANOV (1825-) +Gita (BADANOVSKY) (1822-)
3-Risia BADANOV (EPSHTEIN) (-) +Girsh Ariia EPSHTEIN (-)
4-Ginda EPSHTEIN (BADANOVITZ ) (1842-)

I'm getting very confused - all the first names are beginning to
overlap and the place names aren't yet giving me clues. Please
suggest some next steps to find out how the families are connected?

Sylvia Bond Caras
Santa Cruz, California, United States
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