Looking for Zsigmond & Maria PINCZES, Buffalo, NY #general

Alex Magocsi <awmjr@...>

Both Zsigmond and Maria separately entered the US via Ellis Island in the early
part of the 20th century. It appears that their home was in Halmi Hungary, now
Halmeu, Romania. Both appear to have been born abt 1876 but there is confusing data
in the documents I have used.

I am trying to establish what became of them after the 1940 US federal census.
In 1940, and 1935, they were living at 36 Ontario Street in Buffalo, Erie Co., New
York. Zsigmond PINCZES had become Zigmond PINCES by this time; his wife is shown as

Their daughter, who entered the US as Ilona PINCZES, became Ethel, the wife of
Isador GROSS who were also living in Buffalo with their daughter Caroline in 1940.

I know the fate of the GROSS family and am solely interested in Zigmond and Maria
at this time. I have searched numerous online sources and also both Jewish and
Christian cemetery records but have lost track of them after the 1940 census. I am
looking in both Jewish and Christian records since it appears that a conversion
took place along the line at some point. Uncle Izzy, a Hungarian Jew, and Aunt
Ethel are buried in Roman Catholic cemetery.

Do the surnames PINCZES or PINCES ring a bell with anyone?

Thank for any assistance coming my way.

Alex Magocsi
Hamburg Germany

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