Re: ships from Danzig #general

Paul Silverstone

The VEDIC was a small White Star liner built in 1918 by Harland & Wolff
in Belfast. Tonnage: 9m,332 tons; Dimensions: 460' x 58'. Twin-Screw.
Passengers: 1,250 third class only. Two masts and one funnel.
Used on the service to Canada. Scrapped in 1934.

Paul Silverstone

Roberta Sheps wrote:

Information >from the Canadian Museum of Immigration shows the ship my
great-grandmother sailed on >from Danzig to Canada (possibly Halifax, but
that information isn't given) as being the "Vedic". The date is 28 July
1921. Given that there is at least one spelling error in the transcription,
has anyone heard of the "Vedic"?

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