was "Manhatten Death Record" David Braunstein #general

Steve Pickoltz

To all the many Geners that answered my post on David Braunstein, thank you.

My hope that Braunstein was a misspelling of BERNSTEIN was for naught. My intention
was to find a possible death record for my grand father's brother, David BERNSTEIN.
What I knew was he came with his family and other relatives on May 9, 1890 aboard
the SS Russia and landed in NYC. His age was 11 months. This was according to the
ship's manifest. Any kind of death record could list his name as BERNSTEIN or
BERNSTEIN-WERFEL or the other way around. I know the family was in NYC as late as
June/July of 1890 when they bought land in the southern part of New Jersey and then
went there.

My problem is that other than the ship's manifest, there is no record of him that
I can find. The fact is I don't know where he died.

Any help, suggestions I'm open to. I do have more info if that would help on the
other members of this family.

Thank you again.

Steve Pickholtz
New Jersey

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