ViewMate - interpretation of photograph and type of yarmulke #general

Barrie Karp

Dear Researchers,

I've posted an old ancestral photograph of an unidentified relative probably >from
Romania, Hungary, Austria or Poland, probably taken late 19th c., about which
photograph I have the following questions. It is on ViewMate at the following
address ...

This may be a photo of one of my great grandfathers -- Yitzak Wien.

Question: significance of the head wear -- is there any different meaning >from a
skullcap type yarmulke? I seek interpretations, clues,hints, any cultural
information, such as locality (town or country), affiliations, customs, etc.

Question: Can you tell where and when this photo may have been taken? In the US?
In Europe? what town and/or country? there are no markings on the photo, no clues,
but it was kept with photos including one of woman who may be, and probably is,
my great grandmother (wife of the man in the photograph), Leie/Lea/Lena Berkowitz
Wien, born ab. 1860 in "AustroPoll" and emigrated to US >from Iasi, Romania in 1902;
and died January 1923 in NYC (Bronx), buried in Maspeth, LI by son-in-law and
one of her daughters. The man in this photograph, if he is my great grandfather
Isaac Wien, is said to have not reached the US. There is an unproven story
in the family that he traveled to NYC ahead of his wife with a sick child and was
turned away at Ellis Island because of the sick child. Their last child was born in
Iasi in 1901, and Lea Wien came to US as widow, November 23, 1902, several months
after three of their children arrived in NY/US in June/July 1902. Two of their
other children arrived in NY >from Iasi: one of them in 1901(Annie); and one of
them in 1900 (Regina, my grandmother). They all departed >from Rotterdam, as did
all my other ancestors who came to US/NY >from Iasi, Romania.

Question: Can you identify the man in this photograph?

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application or
directly by email.
Thank you very much.
Barrie Karp

KARP;WIEN;BERKOWITZ;TUCHFELD(Romania (Iasi, Tulcea, etc.),
Kovago-Eors; Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Vienna).
NYC all; Wilkes-Barre, PA; Syracuse, NY; Scranton, PA; Cleveland, OH;

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