Families GEFFEN, FUTERAN, LOUW, SOLLER, GEVISSER in South Africa & USA #general

Daniel Gee <danielgee@...>

Searching for descendants of Anna Rachel GEFFEN (1868-1930).
Born Lithuania, lived in S Africa, Anna Rachel's maiden name was JAFFE.
Children Dr Sam GEFFEN, Annie Jean, Jessie & Cecille (all b 1895-1915).

Ideally looking for a contact email address for any of the following:
1) Dr Sam GEFFEN's grandson Jonathan GEVISSER, now 65.
2) Annie Jean FUTERAN's kids Jonathan, Linda & Valerie, now about 70.
3) Annie Jean FUTERAN' g-grandsons Alex & Nikolai LOUW, now mid 40s.
4) Jessie CANTOR's son Jerry CANTOR, now aged 80.
5) Cecille GEFFEN's grandchildren Lance, Marlon & Lisa SOLLER, in their 40s.
6) Cecille GEFFEN's grandchildren Stephen, Craig & Janie SOLLER, in their

Please reply privately and only if you can help with contact information.
Alternatively please forward them this message with my contact details at
the foot,

In the hope they will get in touch!

I am looking into this side for a cousin and will be forwarding details to

Thank you, in advance.

Daniel Gleek in London

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