Detained at Ellis Island #general

Myrna Goodman

I have discovered that my paternal grandfather David OSTROWSKY and
grandmother were detained at Ellis Island on June 8, 1906 following
their arrival on the SS Columbia. The ship originated in Antwerp.

The notation on the document gives the following information: "s-i-l
Dora BEROLOWSKY with a NYC address: 17 Essex".

I have been unable to find the original manifest of the Columbia to
find additional information about them.

I know that my grandmother was very close to delivering my Aunt Anne
and she was born in NYC on June 17th 1906. I have also been
unsuccessful in finding a record of her birth.

The family emigrated to Chicago and my grandfather changed the family
name to OSOFF on his naturalization application.

I would be most grateful for any assistance in locating more
information about my grandparents.

Myrna Goodman

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