Re: Seeking help locating BEAVER / BOVARSKY family in 1920 US census - Found! #general

Sandy Crystall


With the help of a couple of experts - and using Family Search - the
record was found. The family - with another sister and additional
nephew - is in Chicago in 1920. Apparently in Ancestry, the record
may not be indexed correctly or there is a broken link.

Many thanks to Yehuda bn Shlmo (who also provided how he located the
record) and Johanna Becker for locating the family in the 1920 census
document, as well as Bette for her work locating other family records.

Genners come through again!


Researching: SOBEL, PASTERNAK, GLECKEL, STUTMAN - Belozerka, Ukraine;
Latvia/Lithuania (Riga/Sirvintos/Zagare?); SHERMAN - London, Pasvalys,
Lithuania; Bauska, Latvia; Brooklyn, NY; Baltimore, Maryland; Chicago,
Illinois; Los Angeles, California; KAPITNIK - Belarus; LEVINSON-
Ventspils; STEINGRUB- Latvia/Lithuania; FEINSTEIN/GOODMAN -
Lithuania/Latvia (?); TUKATCH- Lithuania(?)

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