Looking for Samuel Wolf PADWA and his wife Rosa in Berlin 1900-1938 #general

Barbara Musikar

I am looking for information about my father's first cousin, Samuel Wolf
PADWA and his wife Rosa.

Samuel was born in Zascinose, then in Galicia, in Nov, 1884. Unlike his
younger siblings who emigrated to the U. S. he emigrated to Berlin,
Germany where he owned a few confectionery shops. One of these shops
was on Markgrafenstr and another was on Potsdamerstr. His name or the
names of other family members appear in the Berlin Address Book >from
1916 to 1939.

I was told many years ago that he remained in Berlin and went into
hiding. I do not know what happened to his wife or child(ren). I was
told that he later perished. I was wondering if he married Rosa in
Berlin and whether his name appears on the police lists that were kept for
new residents.

Barbara Musikar
Miami, FL

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