Re: Detained at Ellis Island #general


On the Detained Aliens List is image 81 of 528. (July 8,
1906) The list says that David OSTROWSKY and wife are in Group 17,
passengers #10 & 11. If you go back page by page and look in the upper
right hand corner of each manifest page there is a stamp of a big bold
black number. When you find 17 you are on the correct page.
I found it at Ancestry image 47 of 528.

David Rosen

On 11/8/2015 3:03 PM, Myrna Goodman wrote:
I have discovered that my paternal grandfather David OSTROWSKY and
grandmother were detained at Ellis Island on June 8, 1906 following
their arrival on the SS Columbia. .....
I have been unable to find the original manifest of the Columbia ...

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