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Dror Bereznitsky

Yes, I have a lot of information about the family in Israel. They have
settled in Ramat-Gan and later started spreading to other places.
The records I found in Israel does not reveal more information about
the family whereabouts in Belarus.

The Pruzhany website has a lot of information, unfortunately I did not
see any records >from Ruzhany.

Dror Bereznitsky

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Do you have any more details for your family in Israel? Where did David and their family settle?
Have you found any Israeli records for them?

There is a site with information on Pruzhany at

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My father's family immigrated >from Ruzhany to Israel (Palestine at
that time) during the 1930's.
I'm trying to research the roots of the family in Belarus, but
unfortunately there is no one left >from the family with such
Searching the Belarus database results with only 3 people named
BEREZNITSKII as part of the 1858 revision list, however I cannot fully
trace them to my family although I think they are related.
There is also some information in the Memorial Book to the Jewish
Community of Ruzhany.

The following people >from my family have immigrated >from Ruzhany to Israel:
Luba Bereznitsky, wife of David and daughter of Zelik- born 1857
Her son, Moshe Alter - born 1887
His wife, Hadasa daughter of Zerach - born 1891 (known to have a
brother who immigrated to the US)
Their children - Chaim Zelik (my gradfather), Arye Leib, David and Chana

The family name spelling varies between Bereznicki in some documents
to Bereznitski in the Jewishgen database.

Any advice or information are highly appreciated!

Dror Bereznitsky

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