New York Public Library advice #general

Bruce Drake <BDrake@...>

Like many on this listserv, I've used New York Public Library
resources extensively, >from the copy of the Yizkor book for my
translation project to their online photo archive. I might have
some time in NYC soon and thought I'd go there in person. I'd
appreciate any pointers about what I might look for >from those
who have found genealogical resources at the NYPL that are not
accessible online.

I know that's almost a ridiculously broad question, but was there
some kind of data you came across in research there that made you
say to yourself, "Why didn't I know about that....why didn't I
ever look here before?"

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD

Wojnilow, Marty'Nuv Stary, Kovel, Bialystock

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