Re: New York Public Library advice #general

Carol Rombro Rider

It has been many years since I have done research in the New York
Public Library, but I seem to remember an excellent map collection
that they had. Yes, of course you can find wonderful maps online
now; however, I prefer to have a large map in front of me. The maps
are wonderfully detailed even as to geography. I can't remember the
name of the collection; perhaps someone else can help out on this.

I purchased half a dozen of them and have referred to them so many
times over the years that I finally went out and had them encapsulated.
They are wonderful to share with a large group, such as a JGS, since
people can handle them and there is no fear of damage.

Carol Rombro Rider
Baltimore, Maryland USA

<Like many on this listserv, I've used New York Public Library
resources extensively, >from the copy of the Yizkor book for my
translation project to their online photo archive. I might have
some time in NYC soon and thought I'd go there in person. I'd
appreciate any pointers about what I might look for >from those
who have found genealogical resources at the NYPL that are not
accessible online>

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