Re: Abraham OSMAN from Lodz to Glasgow, Scotland, UK and his wife Fanny nee BARULA #general

David Ziants

After my posting yesterday about my great-great-uncle Abraham OSMAN who
migrated to Glasgow, Scotland,UK at beginning of 20th century and
married Fanny nee BARULA, I now had the great idea of trying to find out
the Jewish name of his mother-in-law by correlating the family name and
date on the civil record and searching the gravestones with same family

The mother-in-law's name on the civil record was Christina BARULA (nee
YAFFIE). Doing this, I have now found out that her Jewish name was
Tzeipa. It is written on the gravestone in English characters but no
name in Hebrew. Also Abraham and Fannie do not have on their stones the
names in Hebrew characters in the usual fashion.

Tzeipa BARULA did have her Hebrew name in Hebrew characters but the
given name is worn away and not legible. All that is left is "bat reb

So there were three graves that came up on the Glasgow Burial Societies
web-site when using "advanced search" on name BARULA. (Family name of
Joseph, father of Fannie is spelt slightly differently.)
On the civil record she died on 7th February 1931 at 10:15pm and as it
was at night, the Hebrew date would be the day after, which is 21
Sh'vat 5691 . The correct stone was easy to locate as they wrote the
Hebrew date and 8th February.

I now have no doubt now that Tzeipa was Jewish, Fanny was Jewish and so
were their children.
I have no idea where the story in my family line about being
non-jewish came from.

David Ziants
Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel
FRIEDMAN. (>from Narewka, Lodz, Lomza in Poland)

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