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A. E. Jordan

The NYPL has the death index for New York City in book and microfilm
through 1982 missing only 1967.

It is by year and then name and shows the name, age reported on the
death certificate, borough the person lived (died ?) in, the date of
death and certificate number. It also has notations of the medical
examiner was involved. It is the same index the NYC Health Department

Problem is that if it is a common name it can be hard to pinpoint the
person since there is no other information. And just because you
find someone in the index does not mean the Health Department will
release a copy of the death certificate. But at least once you find
them you can check newspapers for obits, look for probate records, etc.

The NYPL has a similar index on fiche and in book form for births in
NYC as well which is very useful.

On marriages they have microfilm of the original index but the years
are the same as what is online and at the Archives, ie it stops at
1937, so it is not a workaround.

Allan Jordan

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They have death indexes for the entire city, year by year except for
one year.... It ends some time in
the 1980's or 90's.

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