Thanks re: rail travel to western Canada #general

Roberta Sheps

Thanks to everyone who's sent me very welcome and detailed information about
the rail routes and location of Jewish farms in south-eastern Saskatchewan,
as well as suggestions of sources, several of which I was not aware of. And
particularly to Jehuda who's spent some effort finding me the relevant
passenger list and declaration forms on entry to Canada As usual, the forms
hold a wealth of information and further puzzles. It's clear that my
Yiddish-speaking great-grandmother and her Polish-speaking grandchildren
made it by train >from Quebec City to their destination on the prairies
without any apparent help >from any members of their already-settled family.
Whether they actually did go to the village they named, or some other, of
straight to Winnipeg as my mother maintained is a puzzle that I'll have to
try to solve in another way. I'm going to present everything I've learned
and the Saskatchewan puzzle to my many cousins in the hope that one of their
parents or grand-parents said anything that could have been a clue.

There's another puzzle about their journey to and in England. Their ship
from Danzig, the Moscva, apparently sailed to London, but the family sailed
to Canada >from Liverpool, which was the major port for ships >from eastern
Europe to North America. Was there a package that would have included train
travel >from London to Liverpool for 3rd class passengers travelling to North
America >from Danzig?

I've always loved mysteries.(particularly those by Dorothy L Sayers)

Thanks again,

Roberta Sheps

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