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A. E. Jordan

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From: Deborah Barr

How should I interpret this - that she was married 11 years when her
husband died, or that she was married in 1899?

Unfortunately you can not trust the accuracy of the Census to assume either way.
Did the person understand the question when it was asked?
Did they think the question was how many years ago did you get married
or did they think it was how many years were you married? You simply
can not be certain.

Instead use other clues. You say the husband died between 1906 and 1908 --
have you looked for the death certificate? Were they immigrants?
If so have you looked at the immigration records and maybe a naturalization?
Were there children? If there is a 10 year old child in 1910 you might
have a clue. Also you might want to look at the 1900 and 1905 Census
to see what' there. You sort of need to follow the paper trail to
look for the wife and the marriage and see how or if it
progresses over time.

Allan Jordan

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