Kremenets: Happy Chanuka ... New updated Concordance now is online ... 261,026 entries #general

Ronald D. Doctor <rondoctor@...>

On behalf of the Board of the Kremenets District Research Group(KDRG, now in
Ukraine, formerly in Poland), I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy
Chanuka. Chag Sameach! Here is our Chanuka report.

Our Concordance (Master Name and Place Index)now has 261,026 entries, 35% more
than the version we posted 6 months ago. The Concordance can be searched and is
downloadable >from our JewishGen KehilaLinks website:

Concordance entries now include translations of 31,151 vital records that we have
received >from the LDS Family History Library and >from the Central Archives for the
History of the Jewish People (Hebrew University, Jerusalem). These include 21,559
birth records, 2,471 marriages, 52 divorces, and 7,824 deaths. Here's the breakdown
by Kremenets district town:

Births: 1879-1889, 1894, 1896-1899, 1902-1905, 1906-1916, 1918-1922
Marriages: 1878-1898, 1900-1914, 1918-1925
*Berezhtsy (Velikiye Berezhtsy)*
Births: 1878-1887,1889-1895, 1900-1901, 1904-1905, 1907-1908, 1912-1913
Deaths: 1879-1891, 1893-1897, 1899-1903, 1905-1913
*Katerburg (Katerinovka)*
Births: 1885, 1887-1895, 1900-1904, 1907-1911, 1913-1916, 1920, 1922-1931,
Births:1870-1886, 1888-1906, 1908-1915, 1917-1919, 1922, 1924-1925, 1929-1932
Marriages: 1870-1874, 1876-1883, 1886-1888, 1891-1904, 1906-1907, 1914-1915,
1917-1919, 1921-1922
Divorces: 1887, 1891, 1894, 1903-1904, 1917
Deaths: 1870-1898, 1900-1902, 1904-1907, 1909-1911, 1913-1919, 1921,
1924-1926, 1929
*Lanovtsy (Lanovets)* Births: 1878-1894
*Oleksinets (Aleksinets, Novy/Staryy Oleksinets)*
Births: 1878-1883, 1892, 1896-1898, 1900-1901, 1903-1904, 1906, 1910, 1913
Marriages: 1878-1913
Deaths: 1881-1882, 1884-1888, 1890-1895, 1908, 1910-1914
*Shumsk* Births: 1879, 1881-1883, 1885-1886,1888, 1890-1894, 1896
*Vishnevets* Births: 1878-1879, 1881-1897, 1900-1906, 1910-1922
*Vyshgorodok* Births: 1878-1889, 1895-1904

Note that some of these records take us right up to the eve of the Shoah.

Many thanks to Judith Springer and Dena Whitman for translating the vital records,
to Ellen Garshick for processing the translations and preparing them for the
Concordance, and to Adam Bronstein for making the records searchable on our website
using Steve Morse's One-Step search system.

All of the pre-release, unedited translation spreadsheets and translated documents
as well as the vital records master spreadsheets are available to and downloadable
by those who have contributed to our work within the past 2 years. Donors have
exclusive access to our KDRG Contributors website on Google:

Although these full translations will not be available to the general public until
they are proofread and edited, we will send up to 10 records at no charge to any
researcher who identifies entries of interest in our Concordance. Please contact
me ( if you need information about how to obtain these records or
how to access the KDRG Contributors website.

To see a list of all the records we have completed, are working on, and are
acquiring, download our "Document Acquisitions and Status" spreadsheet >from the
Kremenets KehilaLinks website. It is the first item at:

In cooperation with the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People
(Hebrew University, Jerusalem) we are continuing our search for additional vital
records. We need your help to acquire and translate these records.

Donations to our Kremenets Fundraising account on JewishGen may be made on the
following web page:
Scroll down until you get to: Kremenets District Towns (Ukraine) - Records
Acquisition and Translation That's about halfway down the page. Your contributions
are tax-deductible in the U.S. to the extent permitted by law.

When you send your donation, please send me an e-mail message to let me know the
amount you contribute and the date of posting so that we can be sure the donation
gets applied properly. If your employer has a matching gift program, please think
about matching your donation through that program.

Those of you who have contributed to our work within the past 2 years have
exclusive access to our KDRG Contributors website on Google.

This website contains pre-release (and downloadable) copies of _all_ of our record
translations and documents, even those that have not yet been edited. These
translations will not be publicly available until they are proofread and edited,
so it may be a year or more before you can access them ... unless you contribute to
our work. Early access to these translations is a major benefit for our donors.

We need your donations to help us keep this work going. All donations are used
exclusively to acquire and translate records and documents. If you have any
questions or if you need more information, please contact me at

I'm looking forward to hearing >from you.

Best wishes,


Ron Doctor (
President, Kremenets District Research Group (KDRG)
Portland, Oregon USA and
Board Member and Past Coordinator, JewishGen Ukraine Special Interest Group and
Board Member and Past President, Jewish Genealogical Society of Oregon

Kremenets, Oleksinets, Yampol, Vishnevets
and KAZDOY (KOSODOY), DUBINSKI, DUBOWSKY ... all >from Kiev, Uman, Odessa

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