ViewMate translation request - Yiddish, please #general

Bob Fitterman

I have recently discovered that there were two brothers in my family
(my paternal GM's cousins) that were unknown to me. One (Pejsach) was
murdered in the Shoah, the other (Yitzhak) had emigrated before WWII.
The survivor's children didn't learn of their father's brother until I
contacted them to share an old photo in October. One of the children
of the survivor shared this postcard with me. It's over 75 years old
and until this month he had no idea it was >from his uncle Pejsach to
his father. It was written in July 1939, just months before the German
invasion of Poland. It appears to be the only surviving communication
between the two of them.

If anyone can help translate it, I would be most appreciative. It's at
Please respond via the form provided in ViewMate.

Bob Fitterman

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