Sources for US Wedding Annoucements and Other Life Cycle Events #general

Matt Friedman

A great place to look for life cycle announcements that include births,
Bar/Bat Mitzvah, engagements, weddings, significant anniversaries and
deaths are Jewish newspapers. The announcements are not indexed,
but some sites have a search function. For example, I went to,
the website for the Northern California Jewish newspaper and put in my
daughter's name, The search results included links for her Bat Mitzvah (2015)
announcement and my father's obituary (2005). The lack of an index or
limited time parameters for the search might make research a bit of a challenge,
however the announcements could yield useful information.
The text for my daughter's announcement is below:

Talia Cealleigh Friedman Daughter of Rabbi Matt Friedman and Mary Friedman,
granddaughter of Harriet and the late Emanuel Friedman, granddaughter of John
and Catherine Kelly, Saturday, Oct. 10 at Mosaic Law Congregation in

Another source are congregational news letters and bulletins.
I don't know of any that are indexed or have search functions.
Some congregations have a newsletter archive on their website,
but in some cases they are password protected with access given to members.
A phone call to the congregation might be all that is needed to gain access.
In addition to the congregations themselves, the American Jewish Archives
at the Cincinnati campus of Hebrew Union College has a collection of
congregational newsletters. As a student there I once wrote a
term paper based on the newsletters of several congregations. There is a
significant amount of family history that can be gleaned >from the newsletters.

Horodenka, Ukraine: FRIEDMAN, MANN
Sniatyn, Ukraine: SPIEGEL
Raczki, Poland: LITVINOFSKY (and variants)

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