Searching: KAPLAN family, Grodno/Minsk/Pinsk #belarus

Danny Kaplan <dannykaplan@...>

I'm trying to track down my Kaplan ancestors. My Grandfather Moshe KAPLAN
was born in 1923. He had a brother named Gershon. They were both child
prodigies and studied in the Grodno Yeshiva and then traveled with the Mir
Yeshiva to Shanghai.
Moshe & Gershon's father was Abraham Isaac KAPLAN, a diamond or Jewelry
businessman in Minsk/Pinsk. Abraham Isaac KAPLAN'S wife was Aidel
(daughter of Gershon)
I am looking for any information that can help track back my KAPLAN (kohanim)
Family beyond my great great grandfather.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


Danny Kaplan
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