Re: ViewMate Translation 43654 Bessie Weber #general


The date on he plaque is Nov 17, 1949, which was a Thursday. The corresponding
Hebrew date is 25 Cheshvan 5710 and is correct on the plaque. Because the
Hebrew day begins at sundown, 25 Cheshvan began on Wednesday evening. If Nov
16 is the actual date then 25 Cheshvan may still be good.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 12/22/2015 4:51 PM, Fran Cohen wrote:
I recently posted the translation request for the Memorial Plaque for my
grandmother, Bessie STARR under ViewMate number 43654. My question now is ,
is the Hebrew date correct as the 25 Cheshvan 5710? On the Georgian date it
shows the 17th of November 1949. The Georgian date on the plaque also reads
the 17th of Nov 1929 but on her death certificate is shows Nov. 16, 1949. I
will need to call the Shul that this plaque is in to have it corrected to
read Nov. 16th 1949. I am not sure if the Hebrew date also needs to be
corrected or not.

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