Difficult Town Name #general

Pat Fuller

Dear Genners - I have a doozy of a town name for you. This is a birthplace
listed on a relative's World War I draft card, and the handwriting is very
legible. The town is Metrockfanevka chasan, Russia. I have looked this up
on the JewishGen Town Finder, Communities Page, and Gazetteer, as well as
"Where Once We Walked." I have tried searching on various portions of the
name, to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas? The person's name is Jack
Samuel LEVIN. I do not have his parents' or siblings' names. His wife was
born in Lithuania. His children were born in Minneapolis, MN.

You can reply to me at the above e-mail address. Thanks for your help.

Pat Redman Fuller
Simi Valley, CA

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