The Jewish JONAS family from Trzebiatow and Gryfice, West Pomeranian Voivodeship #general

Robert Dupuis <R.Dupuis@...>

I'm searching for the Jewish JONAS family >from Trzebiatow (German:
Treptow an der Rega) and Gryfice (German: Greifenberg), West Pomeranian
Voivodeship, Poland

Specially for relatives and descendants of the merchant Julius David JONAS
(b 1827 Trzebiatow/Teptow, Germany, d 1900 Berlin, Germany; son of the
merchant David MICHAELIS, b.1784 Gryfice, d.1859 Trzebiatow/Teptow,
Germany, his wife is unknown) and his wife Ernestine Albertine, nee
WOLFF (b. 1836 Trzebiatow/Teptow, Germany, d. 1898 Berlin, Germany).

Julius and Ernestine Jonas had six children:

1: Willy JONAS (b 1862 Trzebiatow/Teptow, Germany, d. 1940 Berlin,
Germany; Justizrat/Counsellor, Lawyer)

2: Max JONAS (b 1864 Trzebiatow/Teptow a Rega, Germany, d 1931 Oranienburg
near Berlin, Germany; Justizrat/Counsellor, Dr. jur. Lawyer, City
councilor and alderman in Oranienburg, Germany; children: Otto JONAS
b.1895 Oranienburg, Germany, d.1908 Oranienburg, Germany and Anna JONAS
b. 1908 Oranienburg, Germany; first wife Helma, maiden name unknown,
d. 1926 Oranienburg, Germany; second wife Margarete, nee MICHAELIS,
b. 1873 in Berlin, Germany, she survived the Ghetto of Terezin and died
in Switzerland)

3: Ernst JONAS (b. 1872 Trzebiato/Teptow, Germany, d. 1934 St. Louis,
Missouri, USA; Dr. med./PD, Physician/Surgeon; husband of Rose, nee
TUHOLSKE, son-in-law of the Physican Hermann TUHOLSKE)

4: Gustav JONAS (b. 1874 Trzebiatow/Teptow, Germany, killed 1941
Ghetto Lodz; merchant)

5: Ferdinand JONAS (1876 Trzebiatow/Teptow, Germany, he survived the
Shoah as a forced labourer and d. after 1947 in Berlin, Germany;

6: Frieda JONAS (b.1877 Trzebiatow/Teptow, d. ?)


Robert Dupuis

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